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Today: Oct 22, 2014



Mission Statement


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Overview of Kaberamaido District

Kaberamaido attained its current District status in July, 2001 through an Act of Parliament. Formerly it was part of Soroti District whose main town; Soroti attained the status of the headquarters of Teso region in 1912. This was as a result of being recommended by Sir Fredrick Johnson, following his appointment as the new Governor of Uganda.

Word from the Chief Administrative Officer

This five-year District Development Plan (DDP) 2011/2012 – 2015/2016 is the first one and a product of a concerted effort of many stakeholders. I congratulate and thank the District Political Leaders, District Technical Planning Committee and the entire community of Kaberamaido District for this achievement. The process of producing this District Development Plan was costly, long and tedious; and, for the dedicated effort put in by the District Planning Unit and Budget Desk in coordinating this process, I take special opportunity to thank these officers for their tireless efforts.

Message from the Chairperson

The LGA 1997, Sec. 35 requires DLGs to prepare comprehensive and integrated dev’t plans incorporating plans of LLGs. Under these provisions, Kaberamaido District Council prepared this Five Year DDP; 2011/2012-2015/2016. As enshrined in the LGA, 1997; Sec. 35 (3), the evolvement of this DDP was through a participatory process that involved prioritisation and integrating the needs identified at community and LLGs’ levels. This was achieved through: community planning meetings by the LLGs, TPCs, LG Councils; and, budget & planning conferences held at LLGs’ & DHLG levels.

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